The Federation

The National Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis Founded by: a) the “Greek Association for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis”, b) “Union of Friends and Sufferers with Multiple Sclerosis Northwestern Greece” c) “Panthessalian Association of People with Multiple Sclerosis”and d)”Association of People with Multiple Sclerosis” on 08.11.2008, when drafted and signed the Articles of Federation. On 10/09/2009 was recognition by the court of Athens, Decision No. 6403/2009 the articles of association of the Federation. The first General Assembly was held on 4/12/2010, from which the governing bodies were emerged.

Our objectives

  • The unification and organization of all the Societies of Persons with MS in a legal entity, expressing their collective will as superior level body.

  • Representation of persons with MS through their representative organizations in all the decision making organs that concern them in all public services and state organs, in the private sector, as well as in other relevant organs, organizations and societies in Balkan, European and International level.

  • Support by every legal means of the moral and material rights of persons with MS. Co-ordination of the action of all the members of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis for the advancement and support of the rights of persons with MS.

  • Promotion of the advancement of the statute of voluntarism and of social solidarity, claiming:
    a. the active support of the relative State Authorities and of the wider society, by informing and enlightening on MS,
    b. the improvement of the structures of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of Persons affected by MS.

  • Claiming the provision of solidarity, of medical and pharmaceutical support and aid for persons who suffer from MS, in Greece, in Balkans, in the Mediterranean, in Europe and internationally and the participation through representatives of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis to the above-mentioned Organs, dispatching help, where needed.

  • Dissemination of information regarding the developments of scientific research on MS.

  • Promotion of a close relationship (scientific and social), through solidarity and co-operation of the member societies of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, between the representatives of the scientific community or the community of the patients.

  • The promotion of international co-operation on subjects that relate to the disease and its treatment.

  • Providing information regarding recent scientific developments and prospects in the fighting and coping with the disease, as well the dissemination of information for the amelioration of the living conditions of persons with MS.

  • Providing moral, material and scientific support, protection and help to those diagnosed with the disease, as well as to their families.

  • Encouragement of scientific research studies for the medical, social, ergonomic, architectural, environmental, educational, occupational and psychological problems for the protection and enhancement of quality of life of Persons with MS with respect to human dignity.

  • Introduction of proposals, to provide information and present the problems and issues of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, to the responsible State Bodies, the Local Authorities of all levels, the Governmental and Social institutions with the aim for equal participation without barriers in the educational, productive, economical, social, athletic and cultural life of the country.

  • Undertake initiatives for working out and vote of special laws aiming at the medical and social rehabilitation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis.

  • To constantly endeavour to enroll these persons in the active productive population of the country.

  • Co-operation and exchange of knowledge, facts and information with relevant organizations national and foreign for the submission and achievement of the aims of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis and its participation with representatives in International and other disability, scientific, medical and social congresses.

  • Co-operation with other secondary (superior level) committees and the participation to third (supreme) level unionist organizations- institutions, for the coordination of issues that concern Persons with Disabilities.

  • The support by every legal and effective means of the members of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis in front of judicial and administrative authorities.

  • Active participation of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis to the struggles of Persons with Disabilities ensuring parity, equality of rights, equality of fair chances as equal members of society.

  • Encouraging the establishment of primary (local level) institutions with relevant functions in favour of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis.

Press here to read the articles of association. (Available in Greek Only)

Our vision

Life is an endless route of continuous ups and downs. We fall to learn how to get up and to become stronger. It is preferable to have a range of emotions than feeling always the same, monotonous, feebly. We live each moment with intensity and longing for something beautiful because we know that for every problem there is always a solution. I want to pass a message of optimism, a message of hope that tomorrow will bring something better, not only for us but for all humanity.

It is a bet that I put to myself that I will do everything I can to manage to live a decent life, both myself and the world experiencing the same with me.

And this bet… I am going to WIN!!

The President,
Vasiliki Maraka

Board of Directors

founder02Vasiliki Maraka


founder01Vasilis Tsiaras

First Vice-President

founder01Marios Pachtsalidis

Second Vice-President

core03Maria Mamalaki

General Secretary

core03Evmorfia Tachtinti

Deputy Secretary

core04Eleni-Antonia Grigori


core02Panagiotis Sesamsiotis

Executive Secretary

core04Meropi Tzitzika

Public Relations

core03Aliki Vrienniou

International Relations Counselor

Born on 12 June 1962, in Istanbul-Turkey, has been living in Athens since 1980. She was diagnosed with MS since 1996. She has served as member of the Ex Com of EMSP from 2004 to 2008.

As a volunteer in Hellenic Federation of Persons with MS she is committed to help and support PwMS in every possible way. She believes that MS made her stronger.
She attended University since December 2003 and obtained a second degree in “International & European Studies”, having already had her first degree in Tourism. In the meantime she has been appointed as a public servant in the Greek Foreign Office.

She is realistic and has a positive attitude towards life. With such an active life she wants to set an example to other people who are in a similar position and prove that life goes on despite of MS.

core01Ioannis Theodorakis


core02Marios Kokouris