Multiple Sclerosis

What is MS

Multiple sclerosis is the most common neurological disease that affects about 100,000 people in Britain and 400,000 in the US. In Greece sufferers estimated at around 10,000. […]

Symptoms and Diagnosis

MS is a disease with many changes. Demyelination can infect both motor and sensory nerves of the central nervous system and thus can affect motion, tactile or other sensations. […]

Living with MS

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can bring disruption in our family life and in our relationships. But if we can talk openly and honestly with our partner, […]


There are several drugs available which can slow down the deterioration and decrease impulses. There are treatments available that can compromise the tissue destruction caused by the curing. […]

World MS Day


  • It is not fatal

  • It is not hereditary

  • It is not contagious

  • It is not a mental disorder

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